Brook-Lea Country Club Swimming Pool

Our pool facility includes a wading area, hot tub, and amenity building. The Pool is competition length, with tiled lanes, Gunite surface, and new filtering and pumping systems. Brook-Lea’s swimming facilities, comprised of the Olympic sized pool, hot tub and children’s wading pool, are available to all social and golfing members at no additional charge. Our members enjoy cooling off in the water and gathering by the pool side for relaxation and conversation with friends. The pool’s water is heated, when necessary, during the swimming season, which begins Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day.

Pool Memberships

Brook-Lea Country Club offers a limited number of annual pool memberships – providing access to our perfectly maintained pool, hot tub, and playground facility.

Pool Hours

May 28th through June 25th
Life Guard is on duty Monday – Friday 2-6pm, Saturday – Sunday 10-6pm

June 26th through Labor Day (Monday, September 6)
Life Guard is on duty every day from 10-6pm.

brooklea_pool_rochester Members also enjoy access to swimming lessons and hosted parties in our pool facility.